Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Tyco Golden Eagle C630

Here it is before I started working on it:

How to repair and restore Tyco Power Torque Trucks

1. Completely and carefully disassemble everything without losing anything
2.  Carefully wash the shell and sideframes with dish soap

3.  Using the wire brush on the lowest speed of your moto-tool polish every place a moving part goes
4.  Polish the axle wells and sides where the trucks contact the frame

5.  Polish the surface of the motor where the brushes make contact

6.  Double check the axle wells and polish again

7.  Polish every wheel and axle
8.  Use the plastic brush and some Brasso or Simichrome and polish the wheels and axles again

9.  Polish every metal piece you can find
10.  Replace the traction tires with new ones
11.  Carefully reassemble and add some grease to the gears

Now you can test everything to make sure it works and goes in the right direction
The Tyco C630 can be easily converted to DCC, I might get around to posting a link to the guide on how to do this later.

The power torque motor is one of my favorite motors to restore because it live up to its name.  This motor can pull.  Of the locomotives setup this way, the Power Torque is probably the best and most reliable.  Bachmann and Life-Like pancake motors are kind of like this and they have some power.  Also the Pemco SD35 is a lot like this and it has some torque.  But overall, the Tyco Power Torque is the smoothest running and most powerful.

The other thing I like about Power Torque motors is that I can repair even the most serious damage.  Power Torque's never die.  The last one I did was on an SD24 that had the pins for the gears broken off.  I was able to very easily fix that by drilling a hole and inserted a small nail and then cutting it off at the proper length.

As you can see, I painted the sideframes gold and a gold snow plow.  I'll also be adding brass handrails that look like gold.  Then I plan to add a rectifier and some super bright LED lights.


  1. You can also upgrade the magnets in PTs. Check this out:

  2. I also read the goingincirclez article and was able to obtain 3 more Golden Eagles that have the dual PT's in them. I think I'm going to get some of those rare earth magnets and give them a try.