Friday, September 2, 2016

Janus Hammerhead Heavy Duty 61' Bulkhead flatcars

Janus Hammerhead Heavy Duty 61' Bulkhead flatcars

These heavy duty bulkheads were made to be run empty.  They don't have details, but they do have unique numbers.  At about 73' (HO scale) they push the limits of 22" radius track.  They are nice and heavy and run pretty smooth.  With some skill, a set of 10 or more can be pushed in reverse around 22" radius track very carefully, but like I said, with some skill and practice.

Setting proper coupler height is extremely important on long cars like these.  If you've ever worked with the 85' and 86' flats and box cars, you probably have some idea.

When the coupler height is just right then everything works, when it's off a bit then cars get stranded where the grade changes.  If the height is correct, then it's a sure sign that an easement is needed at that spot in the track.

On totally level track, these flat cars work very well in reverse.  They also perform best when using the uncoupling magnet rather than a pick.

On my test track there is a downgrade where it's readily apparent that the heavy weight is pushing the locomotive with some force.