Monday, November 3, 2014

Fast Tracks Switches Part 3

Fast Tracks Switches Part 3

Well my first try with Fast Tracks turned out pretty bad.  And if you remember I did a little reflection later to see if I had learned anything.

So now I've made my next switch and it went a lot better.  I haven't installed it into the test track yet, but will shortly.

Here it is:

The final product....I'm not that good at painting and weathering track yet, but at least it seems to be working ok.....

What I learned this time around:

I was planning hinged points after my first experience with continuous points.  After watching the videos, I was a bit concerned about pulling it off.  I had already built everything with hinged points in mind, and then I discovered that if I just did nothing and didn't put in the hinges everything seemed to work just fine while still appearing to be continuous points.  I'll post an update on how this works out.