Friday, October 31, 2014



So I've been working on a new switcher....the MP40DDAX

Yes, it's totally badass.  So check it out and then I'll answer a few questions....

Parked in front of my Apollo Brewery...


1. The front is so far away how does the engineer see whats going on?

Answer:  Thanks to military surplus, the engineer has a 32" plasma screen that provides 360° vision via the Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (yet to be added to the model) which is located at the front.

In addition, the viewer will be supported by the brightest lights I can mount and infrared both passive and active.  Same system used on the Abrams Tank.

2. This thing is totally ridiculous, why did you make this abomination?

Answer:  Because my 5 year old daughter told me to.  She saw the new MP15 cab set and said that it belonged on a DD40 sitting on a work bench.

3. It's way to long to actually work, how will you solve the coupler problem to negotiate 22" radius?

Answer:  there will be a Steam Punk swinging coupler arrangement that will look like something out of Japanese Anime.  And it will be badass....

That is all for now.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fast Tracks Switches

Fast Tracks Switches

OK I have to retract my earlier conclusions about Fast Tracks......

I'm not making any more continuous rail switches.  From now on, they will all have hinged points.


Because without hinged points the damn things are impossible to switch.  My ground throws have been actually torn apart by the force of the continuous points. So the next batch will all be hinged points and I'm going to be removing all the old switches and doing them over.......

Cricut Explore and Decal Cutting

Cricut Explore and Decal Cutting

I've been experimenting with my Cricut Explore and cutting decals.  One of the things I decided to do on my new railroad was to have huge numbers on the side of each locomotive.  This accomplishes something important....namely makes it easy for me to see the number of the locomotive I want to work with.

There really aren't any decent ready made decals to do what I want to do so I decided I would give my Cricut Explore a shot at cutting numbers on blank white water slide decal paper.

First I tried printing a yellow box and cutting out the numbers so I could have them all be yellow.  This didn't really work out because once you clear coat the decals, solvaset has a tough time forming them.  So I decided to take the path of least resistance and make them white.  I'm quite pleased with the results.

In the future I'll revisit colored cuts, but for now take a look at my white numbers....

One note:  working with decals much larger than normal poses its own challenges.  Never use solvaset until you are sure you have the decals in position, if you do you'll be doing it over.

Here's some pix.....