Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wire Model Railroad Buildings with LED lighting

Wire Model Railroad Buildings with LED lighting

Part 1
Planning with pencil and paper

Step 1  State your Objective (your intent)

"My Intent is to have a cool lighting effect inside my building with LED lighting."

Step 2  List Specific Requirements

"LED Lighting"

Step 3  List the elements that are implied by the requirements

"a bridge rectifier and 1k resistor are necessary to LED lighting"
"an additional feature is that this method can use either AC or DC power"
"flexible wire of a gauge 26-30 AWG would be best for this porject"
"hot glue would be best for securing wires in place"

Step 4  Draw a simple diagram to show the plan

"a simple drawing on graph paper, not to any scale, but showing the approximate locations and directions of the elements"

Step 5  Gather the materials to include tools and support tools (tape, glue, rags)

Step 6  Prepare materials (such as tinning the wires and components)

Step 7  Do the construction