Monday, March 10, 2014

Some old business first...

Heljan B807 Brewery and The AHM 5820 Grusom Casket project is located here:

The video is located here:

So anyways I decided to finally try my Royal Airbrush AB 130 today....  I got a pristine high nose GP38-2 with the old Bachmann pancake motor and decided I would turn this unit into a patch for my MCBR line that I've been modeling.  2 eyedroppers of Testor's flat red and 3 droppers of paint thinner.

For this project, I did not strip the paint off the existing model, I just painted over it with the finest layer of red I've ever done, and here it is so far.....(4 hours after painting)

I like it, good enough for my project and so I'm proceeding with the next few steps and plan to knock this project out in less than 2 days....

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