Thursday, March 13, 2014

So this last week I've been getting ready to start hand-laying switches.  The toughest thing I needed to do to get ready was figure out a quality control scheme to make sure the switches I make are done correctly and have no trouble spots.

My plan consists of 16' of double track with a crossover in the middle.  As I create the switches they will be placed into the crossover and tested with a checklist of equipment.  Here's my initial checklist of things to check:

1.  Everything will have to go forward and backward 10 times at least
2.  My super low clearance M430 without derailing at high and low speed
3.  a lashup of 3 DD40's both fast and slow
4.  a group of 40' cars
5.  a group of 57' cars
6.  3 86' cars
7.  a lashup of C628's that only pickup from 4 axles
8.  a lashup of locomotives that only pickup from a single axle
9.  a lashup of locomotives that only pickup from opposite sides on opposite trucks

That will be my initial benchmark that I will work from to refine and find the problems as quickly as possible....

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