Friday, June 24, 2016

Making Inkjet Decals Part 4

Making Inkjet Decals Part 4

So I got my formula down, turned out some nice decals, applied them and they turned out pretty good.

However, I found out that after about 5 minutes in the water, some of them started to disintegrate.  To fix that problem I applied Microscale Liquid Decal Film.  Problem solved.

The next problem I encountered was that Micro Sol isn't really strong enough to handle the paper, the acrylic and the decal film all together.  I've ordered some Walthers Solvaset to find out if it's as strong as the old Hobsco version.

If it works like I think it will then it will be case closed on inkjet decals.  The method will be complete.

I've also tried using acrylic clear flat sealer and haven't been super impressed with the job that it did.  Some of that is due to the decal film, but like the paints I've been testing on polyurethane, it seems to have a very tough time drying.  Next up is trying Testor's dullcote again over the acrylic paint.

The next batch of cars to be painted will be painted with primer first.  I hate having to go back to using primer because the Tru-Color paint looks so nice without it.  But, it appears it will be necessary.

Now on to the Alps MD 1000....

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