Thursday, June 9, 2016

Making Inkjet Decals Part 3

Making Inkjet Decals Part 3

The last settings I used have worked out very well, so I went ahead and made some more and tried them without the Acrylic coating.  That didn't work at all.

After printing using the best settings available on high gloss and setting the ink to +%5 I tried using one without the sealer.  It didn't smear to the touch, but once in the water it essentially disintegrated.

I've also now printed a sheet of decals where I applied colored squares with white lettering on white decal paper.  So far so good, we'll see how they turn out after the sealer has cured.

Specifically, I made a bunch of the various stickers found on locomotive access doors.  They are super tiny, but nothing the printer couldn't handle.  With a magnifying glass the letters are totally readable and very crisp.

It will be the trimming that presents the tricky part.

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