Monday, June 6, 2016

Inkjet waterslide decals and more painting on polyurethane

More DIY Inkjet Decals and Paint Testing

1.  So the decals I made the other day and coated with satin acrylic have been applied, and so far they look pretty good.  The ink didn't run or flake.  I haven't clear coated them yet, but I did use Micro Sol when I applied them and it looks good.  You have to watch them as they dry because they will wrinkle up real bad if you aren't paying attention.  I use a tiny bit of paper towel to soak up the extra Micro Sol every once in a while.  I also make 1 swipe with the Micro Sol before I lay them down.  More on how they turned out later...

2.  Acrylic on Polyurethane.  I airbrushed a 60-40 91% alcohol to acrylic paint without primer on the polyurethane.  It took a while to find a decent setting for the airbrush, but about 60# of pressure and the needle backed off just a hair on the airbrush seemed to do the trick.  It took 2 coats and the paint is just a bit light, but I always like to use paint without primer if at all possible.  The paint did dry in about 30 mins.

Next...Acrylic clear coat...

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