Friday, November 1, 2019

A.C. Gilbert HO scale Alco Diesel DL-600

On the workbench we have a 1957 A.C. Gilbert Alco Diesel in HO scale.

These are the before pictures for this rebuild.  I don't collect them, I find them, fix them and run them.  This locomotive has excellent potential and for being 62 years old it was in very good shape.  It was missing a drive shaft, which was easy to fabricate.  The mechanism is similar to Tenshodo brass.  The plan is to replace the fully functional open frame Pittman motor with a new 24 volt rare earth magnet motor.  The wires will be replaced with silicone wiring.  Since the motor will be isolated, there is no reason this can't be an excellent DCC locomotive.  There is also plenty of space to add big sound to this build.

We'll see what happens... I have yet to see where anyone has rebuilt one of these, though I'm sure they're out there somewhere....


  1. Built to match the FM H-24-66 Trainmaster. THe C&O had 12 units of the RSD7. THe RSD15 was virtually identical - ATSF had 50 low nose "Alligators" (DL-600 and DL-600A) (DL-600B)

    1. It does run now, but I can make it run even better. This one along with another that is brass will make a great pair