Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's on the workbench today....

First up I have 2 blue box DD40's that came to me in rough shape.  What I do with all my DD40's is change the cab and add a scale width nose.  Then I close the gap between the two engines and make 1 monster.  The green and yellow is going to be a patched unit with red cab and nose to match the colors of my MCBR railroad.  My road is cheap so the decision has been made not to repaint the body, but just patch it and upgrade some components.  The black unit is getting an "M" cab and is going to become the fearsome DD50.

Next I have an FP40 with I am transforming into an F55, I'm not sure what that will look like yet, but it will be angry looking.

Then I have another SD45 that I'm making into an SD45MA4.  Safety and some other features to make it tough looking.  I already removed the dynamic brakes and will add something more fearsome instead.

As I've said before I model the future so anything goes.  In my future a lot of old locomotives that are sitting in deadlines and rebuilder's yards are refurbished using much more advanced electrical for a lot less money.  So anything goes.

There are also 5 F units that are all being painted plain red and getting some up grades.  The one F7 already has a new wiring harness in it with 2 super bright yellow head lamps and they look cool....

I still haven't finished the M450 and M650, they just need handrails so that should be done pretty soon...

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