Thursday, April 3, 2014

The DD40 Project

Here it is disassembled and I'm getting ready to overhaul all the mechanical parts...

 Now here it is after the mechanical over haul and the broken parts of the body have been removed...
I have scale width cab I'm going to add and then scratch build the nose....I'm not repainting the whole thing, instead I will just patch it.

 here's a quick look at my RS50's coming along nicely..

Here is a Tyco GP20 from before the Power Torque system....these motors are 6 pole (I counted 3 times to be sure) they are also difficult to repair require some very advanced skills.
As bad as it looks, it still ran on the test track.
The main problem is all the rivets used to hold it together, so I started by grinding off the rivets.
Then I went through every possible contact and polished it.  I also looked for the key to how a motor like this could accommodate DCC and yes I found the crucial connection.

It looks bad, but after cleaning and polishing everything and putting on new traction tires I was ready to reassemble it.  I made a couple rivets and replaced all the rest with #4 screws.

And sure enough this thing runs exceptionally smooth, now if I only new what I was going to do with it...

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