Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Athearn C44-9W Northwest Short Line Motor Installation

Athearn C44-9W Northwest Short Line Motor Installation

The C44-9W project continues.... I understand why I got this locomotive for very cheap.  This project was abandoned due to a lot of technical problems.  The previous owner almost got it to work, but several faults cropped up making this a very frustrating project.

The drive couplings all have at least 1 pin sheared off.  This was a likely attempt to get smoother operating characteristics that ultimately lead to the couplings coming apart frequently.

I've change the position of the couplings and used a drop of super glue to hold them.  Most people aren't comfortable doing that in case there is a screw up, but if you use a tiny screwdriver and hit just one side of the shaft, you can remove it later if you need to.

I use Goop to hold the motor in place.  It does a very good job at cutting vibrations and can be removed if I make a mistake.

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