Thursday, December 17, 2015

First Bondo Day on the MP40-1290

First Bondo Day

First I had to finish the milling and rough sand most of the shell....

Next I assembled the blower housing

Using the chopper, I made some styrene panels and attached them with Plio Bond in case I made any mistakes.  Using Testors or CA is somewhat risky when fitting panels because the fit has to be perfect, with contact cement there is always the ability to make one more cut if you have to.

Now to mix up some bondo... that's about 2 tablespoons and half a cap full of hardener.  This will give 5 minutes of working time.

With 5 minutes, I can fill the sections and immediately trim the bondo while it's the consistency of rubber.  I can even clean my glass plate I use to mix it on.

5 minutes later.....not a huge amount of sanding to do and a nicely fill shell...

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